Thursday, 29 December 2011

I am so so sorry!

I'm so sorry you don't even...anyway, in sort, I'm sorry for not posting for months. Been going through some tough shizz lately. Anyway there are so many things I want to post about before I have to go back to school and exams but I can't do them all in one post because that would be stupid and crazy.
I was actually seriously considering giving up on this blog (gasp) because I doubt anybody actually cares about it or reads it?
So lately the picture above has been the way I'm feeling about this blog. Literally, "Hello? Is anybody there?" This has been a question playing on my mind for some time. Does anybody actually read this? Does anybody actually care? PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF HOUSE ELVES TELL ME IF YOU'RE HERE AND READING THIS.
Well, now that's out there, this book is actually really good! I love Jostein Gaarder and personally I think he is one of the best modern authors of our time. Of course, that's only my personal opinion but if you want to see for yourself GO READ HIS FRIGGING BOOKS! Seriously try it. Or I might get mad. Grr.
To the people who ARE reading this, what shall I write about on here. I have lots of ideas at the moment but I bet you they'll only last a few posts and then we'll be back to months of waiting and no posts. And these will be sad times, my friends, I assure you.
Sorry (again) I've started rambling....But that is all I have to say for now. Remember:
  • I really am sorry
  • I willl be posting a lot more now
  • Pleasepleaseplease send me your ideas, questions, queries, pictures, ANYTHING so I can make this blog better.
  • And if you're out there and reading this, pleasepleaseplease let me know.