Sunday, 12 February 2012

Alphabetti Spagetti

I know I've missed a week but ssh and we'll catch up!
G is for...Galliano
As soon as I clicked on the homepage, I got a good vibe from this designer. I love love love the printed dresses and studded leather jackets AND the bright red lipstick on the models. I am officially in love (please excuse the cheesy magazine talk, I'm tired and slightly traumatised from watching the Woman in Black) with the mag-bags/tote bags they have on the website. LOOK AT THIS ONE WITH THE LITTLE MAN ON IT!
Very Bad Quality Image On My Part
Unfortunately, the clothes are quite expensive (that bag was originally 243 euros!) but what can stop you from taking inspiration from the models? Just look at the amazing outfits in these pictures...

See? It's easy really. Try pairing a leather jacket with a floaty dress or wearing a football shirt with a patterned skirt and leggings. Just take inspiration from the pictures OK?

H is for...Head to Toe Prints
Yes, this links in with the last picture. The main rule is, don't let them match. Head to toe prints is quite a risky trend to wear and you have to be reasonably brave to go all out there.*Cue booming, powerful, convincing voice* BUT THERE IS A WAY THAT YOU CAN ALL WEAR HEAD TO TOE PRINTS. If you're shy, you don't have to be too wild....
For Shy The Quieter People
Get a patterned top-blouse, t-shirt, crop top WoTeVs just make sure it's patterened ALL OVER. Like this...
Ditsy Print Crop Vest
Get a pair of denim shorts. PLAIN denim shorts preferably. You've done that? Good. Go get some tights. Patterened tights. Lace tights, stripy tights, leopard print tights, spotty tights, fishnet tights. Put them on under the shorts et voila. If you have any patterend shoes you think will look good, wear them too.

For People Who are Braver than Quieter People but Not Brave Enough to Go Wild
Surf Luxe 5
Take a good look at this Topshop model (yes I am obsessed with Topshop. No I don't care). Look at how the colour scheme is the same but the prints are very different. Noting is plain except her shoes. Do that. Get patterend leggings or tights and wear them underneath a patterend playsuit. Add a patterened scarf and plain shoes and throw everything together. WARNING: Excessiveness could lead to looking like the infant offspring of a hippy. Just saying.

For the Extremely Brave People who Don't Give a Damn
Go. Wild. That is all.

More Inspiration


I is for...Iridescence
I have always loved sparkly things from a very young age. And now they are here for day as well as night. As you can imagaince, I am in my element! Of cousre, it's best not to go too wild with this trend. Think Chanel, less is more and elegance. Find your sequin covered item and make sure it is the main part of you're outfit. For instance, wear a sequin covered blazer with a plain floaty dress.  Wear sequin covered shorts with plain tops and tights and wear a sequin covered dress with nothing. Well obviously not, NOTHING. Not  wearing underwear is slightly creepy and unhygenic. Don't do it kids. As usual, I will post a set to explain what I mean.

J is for...Japanese inspiration
This is a pretty broad trend and easy to achieve. A good way to pull off this trend is wearing Japanese style dresses or prints. Prints are probably more available so thin a LOT of cherry blossom. I can't really explain it in any other way but a set is on it's way to explain everything.

I have so much to tell you guys but this post is starting to get very long and you're probably bored of me now so I'll save those stories for another time.  Peace out.