Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Magical Times From Long Ago

Magical Times From Long Ago
Magical Times From Long Ago by beth3796 featuring skinny fit jeans

We have light evenings now, and my parents and I spent our first one driving to a cafe by the sea where we always go. It brought me back memories of when we used to do this almost every night. That was before I started secondary school...Its important that we make time for mooments like these now! Day 16 " a song that you used to love but now hate". I chose this song because I loved ut but then we had to do a very complicated dance to it in my dance school and I could never get it right. I ended up loathing the song because I knew I couldn't dance to it like everyone else

Monday, 21 March 2011

Thank Goodness

Well thank goodness for that! After only a day I posted about how sad I was that Tavi Gevinson's blog the Style Rookie had disappeared and been replaced with some sort of movie website (jeez does this change every day? First adopting animals and such and then movies, free movies and GI Joe!) the Style Rookie was back just as it was  with a post about the URL scare. I'm still curious to know how it happened...

Well, last weekend I went with a friend to see I Am Number Four. I'm not usually one to follow the crowd but I loved it! Partly because Alex Pettyfer was in it, who I lust after, and partly because I loved what Dianna Agron's character, Sarah Hart, was wearing. I really liked the arty feel and Parisian inspirations. I wear a lot of floral things so its been easy to dress like her. My retro style has gone out the window for a short while I guess....

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Where has Stylerookie Gone?

I love Tavi Gevinson's blog The Style Rookie. It is actually what inspired me to start up THIS blog. But when I went to see her latest update...THE BLOG WAS GONE! As if by magic....and replaced with some kind of adopting thing for animals, amphibians, children, cars, household objects and stuff. I have googled it and searched and searched but my beloved Style Rookie has vanished into thin air *sad face*. So I sincerely hope Tavi hasn't deleted her blog! Or if she hasn't I hope we can get it back...

Monday, 7 March 2011

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 1

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 1
30 Day Song Challenge-Day 1 by beth3796 featuring vintage looking rings

So I thought I'd do the 30 day song challenge. Day 1 is "Your Favourite Song". Now, favourite song chops and changes so I picked what my favourite song is at the moment. I chose Your Song, Ellie Goulding. I chose it because its pretty and transports to to some blissful and calm little world....:) Plus the piano music is lovely and sweet. It makes me wish I could play piano haha! LISTEN:

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Exams are over...TO POLYVORE!

And breath...I apologise for my lack of posting! I didn't realise that GCSEs meant exam after exam after exam ¬_¬....Anyway, now I can get back to creatively wasting my time again-hoorah! So, I think my last post was a Polyvore set which I've been meaning to talk to you about! I started using Polyvore just over a year ago and en ce qui me concerne it is THE best site for expressing your style. Well definitely the best I'VE found anyway. I've seen some really great things on their and my Polyvore friends and contacts are simply wonderful at feeding my inspiration for this bolg and other outfits. Google it. Seriously, just do it!