Monday, 21 February 2011

Toothpaste Kisses

Toothpaste Kisses
Toothpaste Kisses by beth3796 featuring peacock feather jewelry

Cradle me
I'll cradle you
I'll win your heart
with a woop-a-woo
pulling shapes just for your eyes
so with toothpaste kisses and lines
I'll be yours and you'll be

Lay with me, I'll lay with you
we'll do the things that lovers do
put the stars in our eyes
and with heart shaped bruises
and late night kisses

I can just imagine myself walking down a street in New York, wearing this outfit with this song on my ipod.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Style

Another idea given to me by one of the readers was to write about my style. I don't have any particular style to be honest, I just dress how I feel. For instance, today, I dressed from head to toe in royal blue because it was misty outside and I thought the colour would look nice against the greyness of the fog. Recently, a retro theme has seemed to be reoccurring in my outfits (stuff like tutu skirts, cartoon t-shirts and big bow headbands). During the autumn I really liked the English Rose kind of look. I also get lots of inspiration from books and the media. If I see a character on a TV show or film I like, I almost instantly aspire to dress like them and its the same with characters in books as well. But I see fashion as a way I can experiment with my clothes. My wardrobe is just like the dressing up box I owned when I was little. I can be whatever I feel like being and express it through the way I dress.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Carey Mulligan in An Education....

So one of the ideas I had on Polyvore was from RubyFrame who said that I should write about Carey Mulligan's costumes in An Education. So here I am! An Education is set in 1960s London so I pretty much collapsed as I am mad for 60s fashion and the proud owner of a vintage blue belt from the 60s. Flicking through some stills from the film, I noticed that even though in the school scenes her hair is worn down, it is sometimes worn in an elegant beehive not unlike Audrey Hepburn's! This is a typical hairdo from this time period but, recently I've seen it broadcast a lot on television programmes and it might just be coming back into fashion. Beehives are hard to achieve so it is best if you get a friend who is talented in the hair dept. or go to a hairdresser's to have it done.
I wasn't very keen on her school uniform but I guess anyone who has to spend 5 days in one anyway wouldn't. Though the dresses she wears are elegant and beautiful. I especially love the dress with the gold flowers on it. It kind of reminds me of the curtains in my grandmother's house-in a good way of course as they have a sort of elegant, Parisian feel to them. In fact, nearly all of the dresses she wears in An Education have a bold pattern printed onto them. During the summer, bold printed dresses were very popular and available in almost every shop. To give a sixties feel to the look, try adding a beehive hairstyle or another elegant updo and key 1960s make-up.
This is also shown throughout the film. In the school scenes she doesn't wear much at all  if any but she does when she is dressed elegantly. She wears red bright or deep red ipstick, lots of mascara and eyeliner (google "twiggy eye makeup"for help) but its very important not to wear to much foundation as the main make-up trend for this period in time was dark eyes. The lipstick doesn't always have to be such a bright red if you have a lighter hair colour or different complection.

I will definitely be following Carrey Mulligan as one of my new style icons!

Help from my Blog Readers!

I can't believe I haven't posted on here for such a long time! I literally had nothing to write about and a whole load of writers block. Also I was kind of catching up on sleep from my mock exam revision. But that's not even important and you most likely do not give a damn about my sleeping patterns. Anyway, as I was stuck for A-G-E-S on what to write about on here, I went to the wonderful people of Polyvore and also to my Styleology readers and asked them what I could write about. So if your reading this now, watch this space as your idea will be bound to crop up at some point! Thank you all for being so patient!