Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Style

Another idea given to me by one of the readers was to write about my style. I don't have any particular style to be honest, I just dress how I feel. For instance, today, I dressed from head to toe in royal blue because it was misty outside and I thought the colour would look nice against the greyness of the fog. Recently, a retro theme has seemed to be reoccurring in my outfits (stuff like tutu skirts, cartoon t-shirts and big bow headbands). During the autumn I really liked the English Rose kind of look. I also get lots of inspiration from books and the media. If I see a character on a TV show or film I like, I almost instantly aspire to dress like them and its the same with characters in books as well. But I see fashion as a way I can experiment with my clothes. My wardrobe is just like the dressing up box I owned when I was little. I can be whatever I feel like being and express it through the way I dress.

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