Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ethereal Mermaids and Plum

So, yesterday me and my family went shopping in a little village and went into a charity/thrift/discount type shop (that turned out to be quite expensive). Well, I went into the first room of the shop and it was filled with tweed bags, baths salts, foot cream and the odd beige, nylon skirt. As you've probably guessed I wrote it off as a "granny needs a present" store and just kind of sat there staring at an assortment of 3 metre lace (which I bought for art and adding to boring tops etc) when (dun dun dun) I looked and saw a second room. Out of sheer curiosity and nosiness I left my family and went in. It was like an extremely organised Aladdin's cave of clothes and I was in my element! In particular, I saw a wonderful blue skirt which reminded me of a kinda ethereal mermaid or a pretty fishing net. There was also a great cardigan (I can't find a picture so good ol' description will have to do) that was also a wonderful blue but it had a plum coloured lace trim going around  the neckline. I didn't by the skirt and cardigan (unfortunately) but instead I dreamt about wearing them with my plum coloured leggings and sitting by rock pools. In conclusion, I think plum and light blue look especially etherealish together for autumn and winter.

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