Saturday, 27 August 2011

This is just plain stupid

Its plain stupid that I haven't published for so long but....whoop! My exams finished and I refused to do any work until now. My results will be posted to me on Tuesday. Oh the joy of opening ominous brown envelopes that enclose your fate and University preference. I can almost hear the faint cackle of those who marked my maths exam.
So, as promised by a confessed protagonist, here are the pictures of when I did a "casualish marriage" look for William and Kate's Wedding. I'm not a die-hard royalist or anything but I never get a chance to dress up much so I thought "you know what? I like lace and pearls and shizz so what's wrong with wearing them on the day that  K&W tie the knot?". And these were the results...

Picture one-a close-up of my dress and cardigan. Both white. Picture two-close up on the neckline of the dress. The pearls are plastic but look nice anyways. The dress is from Goose Island. Picture three-these are just some fake plastic tulips I traipsed around with for effect. Picture four-close up of the cardigan. Its very nice but you shouldn't wear it for warmth-crochet doesn't do that well. Its from Topshop and I love it a bit too much. I find it gives me that jelly-and-ice-cream-oh-I-do-like-to-be-beside-the-seaside kind of feel.
In the meantime, I've been spending my summer thinking about how much I love autumn and wearing tights with manly boots. And also how irritating it is having emetophobia that helpfully links itself with panic attacks and indigestion. Google it. And also, I've been shopping around in little boutiques and found lots of great websites which I will post on here. Enjoy the rest of summer or whatever season it is where you are!
The Wonderful New Discoveries I Made On My Travels

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