Sunday, 22 January 2012


^I had no idea what to call this post. SUE ME. Anyway, ITS THE END OF ANOTHER FREAKIN' WEEK and we all know what that means...

C is for....Cars
I actually love this trend, as weird as it may sound. You can basically just go wild with this-car print ANYTHING, bags in the shape of cars, shoes that look like cars, car jewelry, car earrings...
So here are some items that I found whilst looking around and doing my research (I'm such a good girl).
Orla Keily (LOVE HER)

Cath Kidston



Yes Style
 YEY! If you're wondering how to wear this trend, look at the models above for inspiration OR read this next idea! When I went to my friend's Laser Zone party last week, my friend Gee wore a car print blouse tucked into high wasted jeans with a plain zip up hoodie and Dr Martens. I was so jealous!

D is for...Delicious
Again another incredibly easy style to do! Just anything ice cream coloured or pastel coloured paired together. A great thing to do with this trend, is to turn it a bit vintageyand wear it in a 50's style. I'll post sets of what I mean but for now, try a scarf headband, a pastel coloured blouse under an ice creamed coloured jumper or cardigan and pastel coloured 7/8 (this means around ankle length) jeans with some pumps. Trust me it looks incredibly 50's and if you don't know what I mean, I'll post some items now!

All from Topshop! Another great store that sells a load of pastel coloured things is New Look. Everything is at a reasonable price and if you click on their pastels section you can find everything you need to pull of this trend! Good Luck!

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