Tuesday, 31 January 2012

There's Nothing Like Eavesdropping

There's nothing like eavesdropping to show you that the world outside your head is different from the world inside your head.
Thornton Wilder
Okay this as nothing to do with fashion (clothes wise anyway) but...
E is for...Eavesdropping
I must admit I eavesdrop constantly-nonstop actually. I don't see it as nosy...more useful I guess. You don't have to eavesdrop to catch up on gossip. I hate gossip and if I ever hear it whilst eavesdropping I never pass it on. I use my eavesdropping skills more creatively. It's particularily good in classes when you're stuck for what to do (this works for ANY class by the way). I have been blessed with very sensitive hearing so, when I'm stuck, I just listen out for any answers flying around the room. I also find it useful for finding out how people see me. People who are jealous of you don't tend to compliment you to your face but behind your back. For example, this was what me and a friend heard last year in one of our classes:
me-what did you get in your test? I had an A.
friend-wow, well done! I'm so happy I had an A*
me-that's amazing!
random girl in our class (to her friend)-I can't believe they're so good at that subject! I only got a B...that's irritating.
See? It's also an insight into people's lives as well which is brilliant for any writers out there. You can learn so much about people's lives from the conversations they have with their friends. I don't know where I'd be without eavesdropping, to be honest with you.
The Rough Guide to Eavesdropping
  1. Shut up. That's right, I said it - stop talking and don't get involved in any conversations.
  2. Find an interesting conversation in the room and really tune into it.
  3. Strain to hear exactly what's going on
  4. Don't look at the people talking as they'll know you're eavesdropping. Pretend to be writing or texting etc instead.
  5. Don't hang around the people either. Out of sight is the best place to be.
  6. Don't pass on anything you think was meant to be private. Gossip=BAD.
  7. You have it! Soon, you can learn to eavesdrop whilst talking to someone...
F is for...Flatforms
Like platforms. But with a F for Flat and Fabulous. Especially for midgets like myself. You can wear these with anything and everyting as they come in all sorts of styles for winter, spring and summer. Seriously easy to wear, not so easy to walk in...

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