Saturday, 14 January 2012

A-Z Spring/Summer 2012 Trends

Well I was looking on the vogue website the other day for ideas and then BAM the best thing ever came across me! They've made an actual alphabet of trends for spring and summer 2012! Every week I WILL (I mean it) do two of the trends (starting with A and B this week). I was going to post pictures of myself wearing the outfits but who wants to see my pug-ugly face right?
So, here goes..
A is for...Aquatic.
So for this trend think less nautical and more coral reef, mermaid, underwater love. It was quite hard to find clothes to meet this trend but I hope you like what I've come up with.

B is for...Bra Tops.
No matter how risky these may sound, bra tops are coming into fashion in a big way. You can get them anywhere in practically any stye from lacey and girly to denim and studded. For a less exposing look, wear them with high waisted jeans, skirts or shorts! Topshop is the best place to buy as they have a wide range in many styles.
Images (from top down) dress John Rocha, dress Vogue website, jeans Topshop, tights Topshop, Paece top Topshop, Floral top Topshop, studded top Miss selfridge, model Vogue website. More next week guys! I'll post some sets too...

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