Sunday, 16 January 2011

I made my snood!

For the lovely people on Polyvore who wanted to know how to make one:

 1) Take an old scarf or your chosen scarf for making the snood. Mine was about 90-100 cm long and 30cm wide. 
2) Lie it out on the table with the "right" side (side without the label) facing upwards towards the ceiling.
3) Fold in half. The "wrong" side (side with label) should be facing the ceiling now.
4) Choose a thread which coordinates with your scarf. I chose black as you can't see it against the deep purple of my scarf.
5)Start to sew running stitch about an inch from the edge of the scarf so that you sew the two sides together. If you don't know how to do running stitch see here:
6) Sew all the way up to the top. To finish of do 3 stitches (on top of each other) and a knot to hold. The two sides should now be sewn firmly together. Pull gently to check.
7)Turn your snood inside out so that the label is on the inside of the scarf.
8) Et voila! Enjoy your snood.

Pictures to help:

 step 1
Fold in half
pick a thread which coordinates with scarf

sew about an inch from the edge of scarf

Sew the two sides together

Turn inside out
Et Voila!

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