Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Right now I am sitting down in my living room with the rest of my family watching the Royal Wedding in Westminster Abbey. Everybody looks spectacular especially Kate! We are not a family that follows the Royal Family but at nine o'clock this morning I got up and dressed myself in my very own wedding outfit. I'm wearing a lace dress with a pearl neckline and a white crochet bolero on top. I have stolen the ring from my Vera Wang Princess perfume bottle and it is sitting proudly on my finger, the purple-ish jewels matching my nail varnish, and I'm carrying a bouquet of white tulips. My hair is half up half down with pearl beads dotted in it and a plait on the top of my head in a Swedish-like style. I will post pictures later, after I have taken them! Happy Royal Wedding Day!

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