Monday, 9 April 2012

Antibiotics Make You Worse

As I said before, I've been a bit ill recently and got put on antibiotics on Saturday. However, what I thought would make me better, has made me worse. I've felt nauseous all day, been unable to eat and what makes everything worse is that we're having hot dogs for dinner. Boo you, Antibiotics! Anyway, without further or do, let me introduce the letter "U" (poetry, is clearly my strong point).
U is for...Underdog
When I first saw this, I was really confused about what it meant. The tag line read:
"How can London possibly be squeezed out of the schedule when it was universally considered to be the most exciting of all?"
I stared blankly at it for ages until I realised that the fashion show the writer attended featured now designers from London! You can read the full article here to get a better understanding of the show. I don't know about you, but in my opinion that's very bad. Very bad indeed! I thought British fashion was going up in the world in a big way, so why then were they not featured at this show?
  On one hand, it can be a good thing: British fashion as had a lot of attention recently so maybe it's time other countries were given a chance again. But on the other hand, why forget about London? I personally love British fashion (though being Welsh, I can be pretty biased). Don't forget British fashion, I beg you! We have so many great designers with fresh, new ideas...Just remember the Brits when you go shopping next...For me?

V is for...Vivaldi's Four Seasons
This may also sound confusing but think of it as this: winter fashion in spring, summer fashion in autumn. Being a lover of all things woolly, I found this a great idea! Especially as my summertime mostly consists of rain and gloom! If you're a bit confused as how to pull this one off try wearing a cable knit jumper wit a maxi skirt and flip-flops or corduroys with a crop top. You could even try wearing a really summery outfit with a bobble hat and scarf though you might end up looking like an even more disfunctional Where's Wally (or Waldo, depending on where you live).
W is for...Waves (otherwise known as peplums)
For all you technical people, the peplum trend is great as it gives the illusion of an hour glass figure. But if you're more like me (the kind of person who prefers the sight rather than the idea behind it), peplums look really cool anyway.

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