Saturday, 7 April 2012

More Letters

P is for...Pyjamas "for public consumption"
That is literally what it says on the website-no joke. I'm not quite sure what they be by that, you know, because I'm so clever and everything. But I thought the idea was pretty cool anyway. I personally love my pyjamas and since it's the Easter holidays in the UK, I've been living in them for the past 5 days before I was dragged outside on a "family walk" which consisted of walking to a cliff, turning around and walking back again. It finished with me being trapped in a coffee shop between our table and the chair of a very middle class woman who's child was called Persephone. Fun times. Anyway, by wearing your pyjamas as an outfit, I don't think the designers meant sweat pants and a tank top with stripy slippers. They mean stuff like this...

It is a VERY hard look to pull off so my equivalent is wearing jumpsuits with woolly cardigans and palazo pants with a jacket in the same print. Take inspiration from these ladies (and the mannequin).

Q is for...Quaint
On the website it was "Q is for questionable decision" which made no sense to me except maybe changing your wardrobe around a bit. I don't know. Well being British (Welsh, not English though I love some of the English accents) I like "quaint" things. Quaint means "attractively unusual or old-fashioned", and I think that's why I love the word so much. I actually looked it up on Google images to try and find some examples of quaint things to show you but I didn't quite get what I wanted. I was faced with very oh-I-do-like-to-be-beside-the-seaside pictures with some Jam and Jerusalem villages thrown in.
 This is basically what I mean. I think you get the idea...

R is for...Rumours
I know this has hardly anything to do with fashion but it's actually something I'd like to talk about. I have so much hate for rumours. There are so many going around in my school at the moment it's unbelievable. What I find worse is, once someone hears a rumour, they pass it around to everyone regardless whether they know if it's true or not. And what if the rumour was true? What if the person you were talking about didn't want their news to be out for everyone to hear? I know recently, a friend of mine had a rumour spread about her b a girl who she'd never even spoken to before. It wasn't a particularly vicious rumour but it was a complete lie and it made her out to be something she wasn't. What's more is that my friend had people coming up to her saying "I know something about you..." and walking away. Why would anyone do that? Luckily, we managed to stop the rumour before it got too out of hand by confronting the girl about it. I think the only reason I like rumours, is that I find out amazing things about myself I never knew about. So, what I really want to say is, next time you hear a rumour do the person a favour by not passing it on.

S is for...Snake skin jeans
 For someone who's afraid of snakes and doesn't like wearing animal skin, I actually love these. I think they have this really lovely Lara Croft vibe. Plus, with today's trends, you can wear them wit practically anything you like. I like the fact you can buy them in different colours so if you're quite so you can buy the black or grey colour ones that aren't so eye-catching.
Don't you just love Kate Moss's wellies? ^^^^^^^

T is for...Twenties
After going to see "The Artist" at my local Vue I kind of fell madly in love with twenties style. I think it's the glamour of it all I really like. After we saw the film, we went into Miss Selfridge and we were surrounded by all of these lovely twenties dresses. I did try one on but it was a size too big. Unfortunately, people take twenties fashion for granted and write it off as a load of skinny women wearing brown and smoking long cigarettes like their lives depended on it. I think they look really glamorous and people should dress like this era more often. For her prom last year, my friend wore a gorgeous, black, twenties style dress with black sequins and tassles. She even ad one of those little hats! Everyone said she looked wonderful and she ended up being prom queen.

There you have it...I'll post more tomorrow! I have some kind of virus, so posting will probably be more frequent from now on. Also,  it's good practise for my English Language exam in May...not that I'm using you or anything.

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