Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy No-Post Anniversary

So, I realise I haven't posted for exactly a month which means I have broken my promise to you yet again. I'm such a bad person! But I have GCSE's in a month so please, please try and understand my lack of posting!  Unfortunately, revision has been an inexplicable part of my life recently. You have no idea just how jealous I am of everyone who doesn't have exams!
I understand we got up to "j" last time? Right...
K is for...Kristen Stewart
However much you love or hate her you can't deny she's making a comeback for the release of the last Twilight film this year (I'm going to try and be as non-biased as possible here, okay?). It surprised me that she turned up in a front row of a fashion show, sitting next to Kirsten Dunst. Not to stereotype but I didn't think she was the "fashionable" type, especially after hearing rumours that she once turned up to a red carpet event in jeans and Ugg boots. I also happen to think she's really pretty, regardless of what I've heard and that we should keep an eye on her in the fashion world.

L is for...Leather
"Leather? In summer?" I hear you say. YES! Have you not seen the leather shorts on sale lately?
 Just look at these lavly ladies in their leather outfits for summer. However, to avoid looking gimpish, I'd lay off the black. A black leather skirt or black leather shorts is fine but brighten it up with a different colour. Just a tip. Also Topshop have plenty of leater shorts and skirts on sale.

M is for...Magenta (yey, we're half way through)
Well, magenta is a nice colour anyhow but what I really want to talk about is magenta hair. I'm not really picky with colours, to be honest, so from now on "magenta" is going to be called "pink".
Something I realy want to do is dip dye my hair pink. I have blonde hair and I've seen others do it and it looks great. Excuse me for being "unoriginal" or "hipster" with my dip dyed hair but I'm not a very rebellious person, so dip dye is as far as I'll go for dying my hair. But I like these people's pink/"magenta" hair...

N is for...Natasha Poly
Is she not gorgeous? I know she's not a new face or anything but she's another one to watch in the magazines, papers and catwalks everywhere. I think she's so pretty that you can't not want to look like her.

O is for...Overlay
You know what I mean, don't you? Leather over lace, sequins over leather, crop tops over dresses, skirts over patterned leggings, socks and sandals (...if you really want to). Another big thing I've seen is overlaying plastic ponchos, jacket etc. over outfits. It actually looks very sweet and unique, gives a kind of  1980's-day-out-in-rainy-London look to everything. I'd wear it over a pretty dress, just to make it look interesting and less like "hey, I'm going to go on the log flume at the theme park".

Hope you like what I've done so far! More to come at some point in time...

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